Managed IT Services Are Making My Life Easy

managed-service-imageIT managed services have over the recent past proved to be the ideal option in the management and maintenance of IT resources. Companies that have this in mind are not only be able to alleviate the status quo but also have sufficient time for devising new strategies and explore new opportunities in their course of operations. Numerous benefits are wrought by enlisting professional IT managed services providers and some are listed here below.

Latest technology. Service providers incorporate the latest technologies and equipment for the delivery of best results to clients. The services are upgraded in a timely manner in order to ensure clients are not left out in the use of the latest trends. There is therefore no fear that the system will be obsolete at some point.

Increased profitability. This is one of the major reasons as to why many organizations are offloading their IT tasks to qualified professionals. Systems within an organization become more reliable, thus making the staff more efficient and productive. The staff are able to concentrate on the core business so that all goals are met within the stipulated timeframe. All this goes a long way towards achieving bottom line quite easily.

Stable infrastructure. It is of essence to note that data centers for managed service providers tend to be much more secure and highly resilient as compared to ordinary enterprise IT service. Enlisting these services gives you a peace of mind since there can be no intrusion into your infrastructure.

managed-it-picBest expertise. By choosing managed services, you have the guarantee that you are dealing with professionals who have specialist skills. It obliterates the need to train your staff on skills that they may never utilize in their line of duty.

Predictability. Outsourcing your IT needs to managed services providers erases the fear of incurring additional cost on top of your monthly budget. This is because they offer a fixed monthly payment plan, outlining what to expect and what it is going to cost. There are usually no changes on charges or unexpected additional costs at the end of the contract.

Centralized system. A managed network means that you can centralize all your serves and applications within managed data centers. This ensures better performance of your employees, irrespective of location. It can also give you access to back up and storage infrastructure as well as to virtual services.

Flexibility. Managed IT service providers are incredibly flexible in virtually all of their operations. This ranges from payment mode to response to issues that may rise.

Guaranteed business continuity. The fact that service delivery sits at the core of managed IT service providers ensures that their infrastructure remains up-to-date and resilient at all times. All the data and voice services remain intact even in the event of loss of main your office.

Conservation. By choosing to centralize your IT functions, you will be able to save power quite considerably. It goes a long way in reducing carbon footprint while brining costs down. This is considering the fact that the world is going green.

In a nutshell, IT managed services are the way to go for organizations aspiring to have efficiency at the core of their operations.

My Favourite E-Cig that’s Really Helping

My favourite electronic cigaretteI know I’ve mentioned this before, but I am really struggling with my quitting smoking quest, but I think I’ve found an e-cig that will finally agree with me.

Like me, are you a smoker and have been trying to quit to no avail? There are numerous methods and products in the market designed to help you kick the habit. We all know quitting smoking is not easy since it has both a psychological and physical side to it. With the advent of technology and a question that remains unanswered or rather partly answered on what can really help you quit smoking, electronic cigarettes have been developed. Tobacco being the main cause of five million deaths per year, this product definitely comes as a relief to many who have struggled with the habit. Could this be the answer to the old age question?

With electronic cigarettes, the smoker is able to get their nicotine intake without the health side effects related to smoking normal cigarettes. It’s undoubtedly an alternative that feels and looks like the normal cigarette thus definitely a great place to start especially for those who have tried to quit numerous times and still fall back to the wagon after a short while. So, which is my best electronic cigarette so far? Here are some of the best brands ever developed which have aided thousands to curb the habit.

V2 Cigs

This must be one of the top brands if not the best since it presents an array of options ranging from vapors and batteries not to mention the throat hit. With an array of flavored cartridges, long lasting battery that doesn’t shut down after five seconds and the option of a manual battery to control amount of vapor intake, this brand does stand out from the crowd. What’s more? There are five nicotine strengths to choose from.

popular e-cigsSouth beach smoke

The throat hit is a bit mild as compared to the V2 cigs which may be an upside to many. However, the major highlights of this brand include the fact that, it’s one of the best tasting electronic cigarette coupled with the fact that its vapor clouds are outstanding. Additionally, the variety in cartridge flavoring and nicotine strength is also worth writing home about.

Green smoke

Depending on your preference, the throat hit maybe contentious since green smoke has one of the strongest throat hit of all brands. Those accustomed to lighter cigarettes may find this a bit strong but on the other hand, the flavor line up on this brand is a major upside. Also worth a mention is the menthol ice flavor which can undoubtedly be rated as the best menthol flavor of them all. Furthermore, you can choose your level of nicotine from zero all the way to the strong level.

Vapor couture

From the designers of V2 cigs comes the Vapor couture. Specifically designed for women, it’s not only stylish and slim but also comes in four fashion designs and colors. Suffice it to say, everything about this electronic cigarette is elegant and feminine. It definitely gets a spot as one of the best electronic cigarettes.

White cloud

It bears one of the highest price tags but upon inhalation you will recognize it’s a quality product. The initial cost maybe higher but it will definitely last more than any other electronic cigarette in the market. One of the major highlight of this cigarette is its technological aspect that ensures the cartridge doesn’t overheat thus never giving you a lip burn.